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Start your plant based journey today! 

About Plant The Seed Nutrition

Plant the Seed Nutrition is a virtual counseling practice and online resource for individuals who are interested in plant based diets. It's run by Jessie Funchion, MS, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Philadelphia.


"Plant the Seed" is about laying the groundwork for good health and a healthy relationship to food. I believe that food should be a source of enjoyment and promote good health. 

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A Day in the Life 

At Plant The Seed Nutrition, we want you to feel fulfilled and enjoy the seasonal whole foods around you. Here is a sample winter menu!


Oatmeal with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and thawed frozen blueberries.


Handful of trail mix and a couple clementines


Lentil Soup with avocado and sourdough bread 


Tofu Ramen Bowl with mushrooms and greens 


Dark chocolate and Rooibos Chai Tea

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Happy Clients

I consulted with Jessie several years ago as an overweight and lethargic, plant based eater with high cholesterol (can you say junk food vegan?). Jessie helped me tweak my diet and encouraged and supported exercise goals as well.  With her guidance, I met my goal weight, regained my energy, and achieved better blood test results.  Her educational materials are inspirational, and her recipes and instructional use of technology make Plant Based eating easy and enjoyable.  If you are serious about cleaning up your diet based on solid scientific evidence, talk with Jessie! 


I was always very self conscious of my food choices and my body. I met Jessie when I was nearly 100lbs overweight and newly pregnant. I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and minimize weight gain. From the moment I met her, I realized she was different than other dietitians I had met along the way. She is warm, kind and genuinely interested in her clients’ food habits. She never made me feel judged or like she thought I needed to lose weight. She helped me with the goals that I wanted to achieve without adding goals I wasn’t interested in. 

We discussed positive food choices and she helped me to make small changes that really added up. She never recommended restriction or fad diets. Jessie helped me understand how to nourish myself and fit in the foods I enjoy. Meeting Jessie has changed my view on food and in a lot of ways myself. Food is an enjoyable experience now, low pressure with room for all foods in my diet. I highly recommend Jessie for anyone looking to improve their diet and their relationship with food.


I loved Jessie's approach of following an 80/20 plant-based diet. She teaches her clients that every food group has a place in their day and believes in educating against fear-based food practices. AKA we say yes to carbs, salts, fats, and other good things that many women have been taught isn't "good" for them.


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