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About Plant the Seed Nutrition

Plant the Seed Nutrition is a virtual counseling practice and online resource for individuals who are interested in plant based diets. It's run by Jessie Funchion, MS, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Philadelphia.

"Plant the Seed" is about laying the groundwork for good health and a healthy relationship to food. I believe that food should be a source of enjoyment and promote good health. 

Why Plant Based?

Plant based diets are effective in preventing and even reversing many chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer in some cases. Individuals who follow plant based diets also tend to have healthier body weights. Health? Check. Weight? Check. Earth and Animal welfare? That too! 

The downside is, for some people, a 100% plant based diet can be very difficult to stick to for the long term. This why I take a 90/10 approach: ideally plant based foods make up the large majority of your diet, but there's a little wiggle room!


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"To plant a seed today is to believe in tomorrow."