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The answer to most nutrition questions is... "it depends"



Why Plant Based?

Plant based diets are effective in preventing and even reversing many chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer in some cases. Individuals who follow plant based diets also tend to have healthier body weights. Health? Check. Weight? Check. Earth and Animal welfare? That too! 

Why (mostly) Plant Based?

The downside is, for most of us, a 100% plant based diet can be very difficult to stick to for the long term. This why I take a 90/10 approach: ideally plant based foods make up the large majority of your diet, but there's a little wiggle room.

Do you eat this way? 

Yes! But I used to be extremely picky (think Cheerios and Chicken nuggets for my first 18 years). It wasn't until after college that I started dabbling with a vegetarian lifestyle, and I was sold. I was pretty strict vegan for a bit, but now have struck a balance with mostly plant based foods and some eggs, dairy and seafood every now and then. 

What should i expect at the initial consultation?

Lots of questions. Before we start working together I'll want to hear all about your health history, goals, food preferences, schedule, etc. Then we'll pick one or two areas to start working on and go from there. Usually the first session is about 1 hour and follow up sessions are shorter. 

Can you help with my (_insert diagnosis_)? 

It depends. I work mostly with people who are hoping to prevent or manage a chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension), but those with gastrointestional disorders, cancer, allergies, etc. may also benefit from a plant based diet. Feel free to reach out and we can chat before booking anything. If I'm not a good fit I'll make sure to refer you to a dietitian who specializes in  your condition.  

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